Augusta + Linus

February 14, 2017

“The moment we got engaged, there was never any doubt that we wanted Jenn to take all of our photos.  You take one look at her photography and you know there’s something magical about her work and something that goes beyond just taking a picture.  We were lucky enough to have Jenn shoot our engagement photos and wedding pictures, and honestly we’re still obsessing over all of them.

Full disclosure here – Jenn is one of my (Augusta – the bride’s) best friends.   BUT I can assure you that that doesn’t make me biased towards her photography – Jenn’s work speaks for itself.  She is truly the most talented, most creative, most intuitive photographer I’ve ever worked with. And – as her friend – I can also attest to her amazingness as a human being.  Jenn is my favorite Aries – she’s determined, dedicated, and full of big ideas.  She’s also a really, really good listener – Jenn picks up on the details and the nuances of whatever couple she’s working with, and brings everything that’s special about them to her photos.  I’ve never seen another photographer so truly capture the emotion and love of couples, friends, and family the way Jenn does.

Our wedding in particular was an outdoor event in Bozeman MT.  It was a relatively small, intimate ceremony and reception, full of whimsical and rock n roll elements.  I remember the day before the wedding it was pouring outside, and the morning of there was still a heavy chance of rain.  We were all sort of freaking out – rain was not part of the plan.  But the whole time Jenn was calm and confident – if it rained, she assured us it would be beautiful.  Her attitude (and the fact that I’ve seen her rainy wedding photos – they’re gorgeouuuuus) gave me such a sense of peace.  The entire time leading up to the big day Jenn remained so steadfast and helpful and positive – I bounced so many thoughts off of her, and she continually amazed me with her unique ideas and innovative solutions to things.  Seriously, this is a girl you want on your wedding day team.

Basically, we love and adore Jenn.  She’s a dream photographer, an incredible friend, and we’re beyond thankful to have her in our lives.  She’s the best!”

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