Lien + Julian

February 25, 2016

“Jenn Emerling was easily and marvelously the best part in our decision to have a wedding. We would not — and could not — have done it without her.

Twelve days before our wedding, we decided to embark on a shoot with Jenn — formally known as an Engagement Shoot. For us, it was less so that we needed photographs of us in an ‘engaged’ state, but more so for us to acclimate ourselves as subjects in front of Jenn’s camera. We didn’t want to screw it up for Jenn on our Big Day.

You guys, it was really easy. We were nervous, but Jenn made us feel ultra-comfortable in front of her lens. She somehow made us look like a zillion-dollar couple in unfathomable love. To receive these images of us, just days before our wedding, we were now especially pumped to get married — so that we could see Jenn again, and Jenn and her camera could ‘see’ our family and friends.

As they say, the Wedding Day is a blur. In its aftermath, we tried to piece together the memories of the day with the help of our Instagram hashtag. It seemed fun (we guess?). But when Jenn delivered her batch of photographs of us (hundreds and hundreds of shots!), I was overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction and heart-swell and we were like, Whoa, did we have the best wedding ever or what?

I catch myself sometimes feeling awfully guilty about spending all that money on a wedding. BUT, I always stop myself, and I come away feeling so choked up that Jules and I got married with our best friends to witness it. Each friend made me feel so worthy of getting married, and in particular, was so pumped that I was marrying Julian. It’s the ultimate compliment, truly. And what I’m getting at is: Jenn’s pictures of our wedding really, really, really capture how great our friends are. Friends, Photos & Laughter: The three things that meant the most to us from our Wedding Experience, and Jenn embodies all three. I am beyond grateful to her for picking up on that, and without direction, documenting what our Love Story truly is.

For these photographs of one of the best milestones we will experience in this lifetime, and we will be thanking Jenn forever.”

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