Amber + Alexis

Solliès-Pont, France

“We are photography nerds. We wanted a talented photographer, not just someone to take wedding photos. We didn’t want run-of-the-mill, overly posed, ‘hold hands with your wedding party and jump in the air’ stuff. We wanted someone skilled and adventurous. We wanted Jenn.

Lucky for us, we had the opportunity to work with her on two occasions. The first time was our wedding in Los Angeles. The pictures were always the most important investment we planned to make in our wedding, and we were floored a couple weeks later when we got the pictures back. Her photos blew everyone away. They were like nothing we had ever seen. They were artistic and beautiful, while still being totally fun and candid. They captured our family and friends laughing and crying and dancing their hearts out. She thoughtfully put together a slideshow of the best pictures of the day, which we still watch regularly. Her pictures tell a story and have become a souvenir of one of the best days of our lives. Lucky for us, working with Jenn did not stop there.

Half of our family is from France and the majority could not come to California for our wedding, so we had a second celebration in Provence the following year. When we planned the second wedding, everyone had one question — ‘What about Jenn?’ Her pictures left an imprint on everyone, even those who couldn’t make it to California. My husband’s family is quite expansive, and every summer they get together at the family’s 100+ year-old fig orchard in Provence, which is where we decided to have the celebration. When Jenn agreed to come to France and shoot Wedding #2, we were thrilled.

It was more than just the party. We wanted her to document my husband’s family, their history, and their tradition of meeting every August to reconnect, relax, and spend time together. It was an important story to capture — not of a wedding, but of a family. The pictures would be keepsakes for generations. Of course, Jenn did not disappoint. Memories of cooking together, hanging by the pool, dancing, laughing, having dinner late into the night — regular activities that have happened there in Provence every summer for years — were finally captured in photographs. My husband’s grandfather described the pictures as ‘works of art,’ and they have become talking pieces in everyone’s homes.

In addition to being a kickass photographer, Jenn is incredibly easy to work with. She is very communicative and planning with her is a breeze. If the pictures weren’t enough, everyone in the family loves Jenn and her great personality. We all enjoyed having her stay with us. We often joke of having a third wedding and getting Jenn to come back for more! We would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

Jaimee + Adam

Twentynine Palms, California

“Finding Jenn was like discovering the unicorn of wedding photographers. Let me elaborate for context, as it should also be noted that finding the right photographer was more important to me than finding my dress (seriously)! I had a very clear vision of how I would love for our day to be captured and searched online for weeks for someone who had it – that undeniable quality of someone who is present, but also removed from the moment. Someone who can capture the small details as beautifully as they capture the candid moments.

I browsed through web site after web site of options, until I finally took to Instagram to request recommendations! Jenn’s name was almost a whisper in the comments – no Instagram handle, just her name simply stated. I immediately looked her up and knew at first sight that we had found our wedding photographer. The process of searching her out made her even more of a gem – like a treasure hunt with the best pot of gold at the end!

From the moment we booked her, until the moment we parted ways at our wedding reception, I am honestly at a loss of words to convey just how special Jenn is and how much she meant to us throughout our time working with her, but I will try.

Jenn is gracious, she is flexible, she is kind, she is patient, she is professional, and there is absolutely no doubt that she loves the heck out of what she does for a living. Not one moment escapes her thoughtful eye — watching her work is like observing a beautiful gazelle in her natural habitat, if that beautiful gazelle also happened to be carrying a camera.

Everything about our interaction with her over the course of a year was just so EASY. We were fortunate enough to have her snap our engagement photos, rehearsal dinner, and reception, and they are honestly the best photos anyone has EVER taken of us (and we’ve been together for 14 years!!). My (now!) husband Adam is camera shy, but after our engagement session with Jenn he was walking around acting like a dang GQ model! That photo shoot was also the start of what would become a beautiful friendship, which only made the day of our reception feel more intimate because Jenn had truly become one of the family at that point. The moments she captured of my Mom doing my make-up, family and friends helping out and having fun, and my husband and I getting ready together will be cherished forever.

I am rambling now because we had so many incredible memories that it is hard not to try and put them into words to showcase just how wonderful this human being truly is. If you are looking for a thoughtful, talented, detail oriented, flexible, straightforward, resourceful, creative, sweet, and sincere photographer to capture all the magic on your special day, this woman is THE ONE for you! Just call her GEM Emerling <3″

Augusta + Linus

Bozeman, Montana

“The moment we got engaged, there was never any doubt that we wanted Jenn to take all of our photos.  You take one look at her photography and you know there’s something magical about her work and something that goes beyond just taking a picture.  We were lucky enough to have Jenn shoot our engagement photos and wedding pictures, and honestly we’re still obsessing over all of them.

Full disclosure here – Jenn is one of my (Augusta – the bride’s) best friends.   BUT I can assure you that that doesn’t make me biased towards her photography – Jenn’s work speaks for itself.  She is truly the most talented, most creative, most intuitive photographer I’ve ever worked with. And – as her friend – I can also attest to her amazingness as a human being.  Jenn is my favorite Aries – she’s determined, dedicated, and full of big ideas.  She’s also a really, really good listener – Jenn picks up on the details and the nuances of whatever couple she’s working with, and brings everything that’s special about them to her photos.  I’ve never seen another photographer so truly capture the emotion and love of couples, friends, and family the way Jenn does.

Our wedding in particular was an outdoor event in Bozeman MT.  It was a relatively small, intimate ceremony and reception, full of whimsical and rock n roll elements.  I remember the day before the wedding it was pouring outside, and the morning of there was still a heavy chance of rain.  We were all sort of freaking out – rain was not part of the plan.  But the whole time Jenn was calm and confident – if it rained, she assured us it would be beautiful.  Her attitude (and the fact that I’ve seen her rainy wedding photos – they’re gorgeouuuuus) gave me such a sense of peace.  The entire time leading up to the big day Jenn remained so steadfast and helpful and positive – I bounced so many thoughts off of her, and she continually amazed me with her unique ideas and innovative solutions to things.  Seriously, this is a girl you want on your wedding day team.

Basically, we love and adore Jenn.  She’s a dream photographer, an incredible friend, and we’re beyond thankful to have her in our lives.  She’s the best!”

Lien + Julian

Los Angeles, California

“Jenn Emerling was easily and marvelously the best part in our decision to have a wedding. We would not — and could not — have done it without her.

Twelve days before our wedding, we decided to embark on a shoot with Jenn — formally known as an Engagement Shoot. For us, it was less so that we needed photographs of us in an ‘engaged’ state, but more so for us to acclimate ourselves as subjects in front of Jenn’s camera. We didn’t want to screw it up for Jenn on our Big Day.

You guys, it was really easy. We were nervous, but Jenn made us feel ultra-comfortable in front of her lens. She somehow made us look like a zillion-dollar couple in unfathomable love. To receive these images of us, just days before our wedding, we were now especially pumped to get married — so that we could see Jenn again, and Jenn and her camera could ‘see’ our family and friends.

As they say, the Wedding Day is a blur. In its aftermath, we tried to piece together the memories of the day with the help of our Instagram hashtag. It seemed fun (we guess?). But when Jenn delivered her batch of photographs of us (hundreds and hundreds of shots!), I was overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction and heart-swell and we were like, Whoa, did we have the best wedding ever or what?

I catch myself sometimes feeling awfully guilty about spending all that money on a wedding. BUT, I always stop myself, and I come away feeling so choked up that Jules and I got married with our best friends to witness it. Each friend made me feel so worthy of getting married, and in particular, was so pumped that I was marrying Julian. It’s the ultimate compliment, truly. And what I’m getting at is: Jenn’s pictures of our wedding really, really, really capture how great our friends are. Friends, Photos & Laughter: The three things that meant the most to us from our Wedding Experience, and Jenn embodies all three. I am beyond grateful to her for picking up on that, and without direction, documenting what our Love Story truly is.

For these photographs of one of the best milestones we will experience in this lifetime, and we will be thanking Jenn forever.”

Jackie + Andy

Santa Fe, New Mexico

“We had received early advice to select a photographer for our wedding with special care, as those photos are ones which we’ll share for generations to come. It was important to us for our photographer grasp the story and feel of the day — the people, the place, the history, the moments — without us having to guide or direct. Jenn is thoughtful, professional, witty, kind, confident, an artist, a storyteller, a blast to work with. Everything you could ask for when entrusting someone to gather your sacred memories for you.

The day of, my family kept saying that she must be an elf; it was as if she was in so many places at once. We can’t voice enough about how amazing our photos turned out, and how positive our experience was with her. I mean, she captured lightning — twice! Seeing the photos afterwards was like reliving the entire wedding again — such a gift and exceeded anything we had imagined. We will forever be grateful, and feel so fortunate for the opportunity to share our wedding day with her and to see it unfold through her lens.”

Melissa + Matt

Los Angeles, CA

“After picking your life partner, we’re pretty sure picking the right photographer comes next on the list of wedding to-do priorities. We couldn’t have found a better fit for us than Jennifer Emerling. Jenn’s photos just spoke to us — her editorial style, her unique perspective, the way her lens captures details, looks and emotions that we now get to relive over and over and over again through her images. We can’t tell you how many times our friends and family have told us: ‘OMG, your wedding photos are some of the best I’ve ever seen.’ It’s absolutely true — we cried buckets of tears when we received the photo set and slideshow. Jenn puts so much love into her work and we’re just lucky to be the recipients of that. Jenn’s brilliant talent was even recognized by Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine — their editors were so blown away they featured shots of our big day in their summer 2014 issue. We can’t thank Jenn enough for capturing our engagement and wedding day so perfectly. She truly gave us a gift that we will cherish for decades to come.”

Ali + Jess

Cabo, Mexico

“Jennifer Emerling gave us the most priceless wedding gift. Her ability to document our wedding and bring all the emotion back to life is something we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Her photos are incredible and her ability to adapt to any event is second to none. She has a special knack of working her way into the perfect intimate moment and catching it on film without you ever knowing she was there. She is a sort of a photographic ninja. Her cool, calm demeanor and great sense of humor is exactly what you need during your wedding, especially when you have 1 million other things and people trying to get your attention. Working with Jenn for the last couple of years, through our engagement photos and wedding weekend, have made her a dear friend to the family. When our family begins to grow, she will always be the one to document our special life events. No one does it better.”

Ngaio + Julian

Los Angeles, CA

“We could not be happier we chose Jenn Emerling as our wedding photographer! We hoped to feel super comfortable with our photographer and have them take risks and create photographs that are beautiful in their own right, rather than just documenting the occasion, and Jenn covered both bases and then some. She really understood us both and created a series of photos that really expresses the day, ourselves, and our guests beautifully. The double exposure portraits and dance floor shots are just something else — she really took it to another level!”

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