Sam + Taylor, Part 2 | The Unique Space Downtown Los Angeles Wedding

November 28, 2016

Sam and Taylor’s wedding will forever be one of my all time favorites.  When Sam — an incredibly talented photographer — reached out to me about his wedding plans with Taylor — a production director at the LA Phil — they let me know their wedding would be a reflection of their love of art, urban city culture, and it would incorporate the varied talents of their friends and family.  Just about everything at their wedding was handmade or made by one of their artistic friends: from the jewelry, invites, dress, cufflinks, and even the larger-than-life geometric prismas placed around the Unique Space.  In their initial inquiry, they told me about their plans to “weave a temporary tapestry of community around us through a participatory ceremony,” and it was — without question — the most memorable and unique ceremony I’ve ever seen.  They re-interpreted a traditional Jewish ceremony by electing 7 members of their bridal party to represent the “pillars,” and asked them each to curate a performance, musical interaction, speech, and activity that represented Taylor and Sam’s relationship.  I was truly blown away by each experience, especially when the ceremony ended with every person in the room touching a web of ribbons connected to T + S, effectively connecting everyone in the room. It was as true and as authentic a representation of community as I’ve ever seen at a wedding in all my years in the industry.  The day culminated into a euphoric dance party that basically never let up,  despite the unrelenting heat and two fires simultaneously going on in Los Angeles that weekend.  I feel lucky to have connected with such a remarkable couple and been gifted a window into their lives.  Please enjoy a handful of my favorite photos from this legendary wedding below.

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Wedding Coordinator: Moxie Bright Events | Venue: The Unique Space |  Videography: Colin West | DJ: Michael Rockstar | Dress: Miss Tashina | Florals: Birch and Bone | Cake: Gigis Bakery


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